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Celia Méndez on Viñátigo & Canary Islands Wine

Malcolm Jolley talks to Celia Méndez about her family’s winery on Tenerife…

Celia Méndez is a marketing professional and project manager with Toronto agency Nicholas Pearce Wines, which imports her family’s wines: Bodegas Viñátigo. Viñátigo is located in the village of La Guancha on the island of Tenerife in the Canary archipelego, where indigenous grapes grow in volcanic soils at altitudes that range from sea level to over 1,000 metres. Mendez’s father Juan Jesús has been a leader in reclaiming the rare, and often unique, grape varietals of the Canary Islands, and she shares his passion. She invited me recently to try some of the wines Nicholas Pearce is importing into the market currently, and I brought my camera to film the video below, wherein Mendez describes the terroirs and micro-climates on Tenerife, and white wines made with Vijariego Blanco, Malvasia Afrutado,  an orange wine made with Gual, and reds made with Listán Negro, and Tintilla.

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