Yes. This really is a thing. Spirits that are allegedly poured over the chest of a supposed glamour model. That's the premise of G.Spirits. Jeez.

Yes. This really is a thing. Spirits that are allegedly poured over the chest of a supposed glamour model. That’s the premise of G.Spirits. Jeez. I had to check in case it was April the 1st.

G.Spirits G.Rum #1/G.Vodka #1/G.Whisky #1, bottled in Germany $357/$330/$385 (order online)

Just when I thought I had heard and seen it all, a friend pointed me in the direction of G.Spirits. And… well… as they say, there seriously is a sucker born every minute.

“G.Spirits stands for excellent taste, gorgeous women, intricate design and a quality experience. By exemplifying these things, we believe that any bon vivante will appreciate and love our great liquors. 
Every drop of G.Spirits has been poured over the breasts of a Top Model and is then directly bottled into a specific and personalized glass bottle.”

Let’s just let that sink in shall we… think about it for a second…

What is wrong with people? Seriously.

Have you ever heard of anything so pathetic? What kind of utter idiot would ever buy something like this? Talk about the last days of bloody Rome.

Now I haven’t tasted the stuff, but it’s the whole rancid idea that I take issue with. And whilst some may say that it’s just a bit of harmless fun, there’s something here that I find particularly offensive. And remember, these are going to make for some seriously pricey joke gifts.

I mean, where do you go from here? I wonder if they are going to branch into a line for the ladies or men who like men, with spirits poured down the hairy arse crack of a Ryan Gosling/Tom Hardy/Tom Hiddleston lookalike?

Watching the painful “Making of…” video, I find myself moved to violence, such is the passion with which I feel to connect my fists with the smug faces of the two “brains” behind this (thankfully) unique concept. Their inane grins as they speak with pride about their products and the process involved…

I wonder how much of this rubbish they have actually sold. Perhaps it’s just some ill-conceived prankster’s art project?

Zero apples out of a possible five apples for being one of the most tasteless marketing concepts I have ever encountered.

Jamie DrummondEdinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he is, for once, lost for words. Almost.