Farmageddon Cover

UK-based Philip Lymbery is the chief executive of Compassion in World Farming and the co-author, with Isabel Oakeshott, of the new book Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat. Lymberly and Oakenshott traveled the world to witness the devasting effects of factory farming in nations rich and poor. As much of the developing world turns to Western dietary habits, Lymberly reports that meat, egg and dairy production is only increasing and in some very unpleasant ways. In the video interview below, Lymberly explains why industrial food production is actually very inefficient and outlines what consumers in countries like Canada can do to stop the farmaggedon and feed the world.

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A quick note of thanks and acknowledgement is in order to the good people at Café Boulud, Toronto who allowed us to film the interview at the restaurant. The background noise in the video is the hum of happy lunchers downstairs at d|bar.

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