By Lorie O’Sullivan

1. Amazing scenery!  Start in Seattle and drive east into the Cascade Mountains and on the other side you will enter the Columbia Valley which is home to some of the most famous wineries in Washington State such as Columbia Crest, Dusted Valley Vintners, Spring Valley Vineyards and Pepperbridge Winery.

2. Hot and dry climate.  Certain areas of the Columbia Valley only get about 6 – 8 inches of rain per year so chances are if you visit you can leave the umbrella at home.  Just remember to bring a jacket as the nights can get cool.

3. Great vineyard restaurants.   A great place is Tagaris Winery Tagaris Taverna either on their “Patio Kouzina” (patio kitchen in greek) or inside the restaurant.   They use mostly local fruit, vegetables (some from their own garden) and meat on the menu so you can truly experience the great food that the state has to offer.

4. Winery Inns.  One that really stands out is the SageCliffe’s Cave B Inn.  Stay in a Cliffhouse and take in the Columbia River and gorgeous sunsets at night.

5. Most importantly, there are a ton of wineries located in Washington State. Whether you like red or white wines just enjoy new tastes, you should be able to find a wine that is exciting to your palate.

So whether you whether you stay for a few days or a few weeks, you can be rest assured you will be drinking some great wines!

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lorie is the Assistant Sommelier in the Platinum Club restaurant, located in the Air Canada Centre and is the in-house sommelier at Sommelier Service.  She is also a rotating Sommelier at the HSBC Wine Lounge, located in the Rogers Centre in Toronto and develops award-winning wine lists for restaurants like The Lakeview in Toronto.  Lorie’s personal blog can be found at