Nettie Cronish author of Flex Appeal

Flex Appeal Cookbook CoverAuthor and culinary instructor Nettie Cronish is known as an outspoken vegetarian, but her new cookbook, Flex Appeal, is also meant to appeal to flexitarians. While flexitarian is not a term she coined, she’s embraced and encouraged the idea that meat ought to be eaten sparingly and mindfully if, that is, one decides to eat it at all. Flex Appeal is a riff on her last book, Everyday Flexitarian, and like it she’s teamed-up once again with Pat Crocker, who takes the photos and tests the meat parts of the dish (Nettie is still very much a vegetarian eater).

In the video conversation below, Nettie explains why, as the its sub-title explains, Flex Appeal is ‘A Vegetarian Cookbook for Families with Meat-Eaters’ and how mixed families, like her own, and can use it to find peace and happiness at the table.

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