Last night, in a cozy and colourful kitchen at the Evergreen Brick Works, chef Tawfik Shehata and chef-turned-journalist Ivy Knight wowed the crowd with a stunning Mediterranean-inspired meal and lively conversation about the merits of social media.

The 20 guests present were also thrown into the mix, assisting Ivy and Tawfik as sous-chefs throughout the night. Together they whipped up easy yet comforting dishes, and shared tips and tricks for success in the kitchen. The evening’s theme ‘eFood: A New Online Age of Food’ proved to be a topic that ignited diverse opinions within the crowd. As the group sat down to dinner, they came to a consensus that social media is changing the way people enjoy and interact with their food.  The opinions differed, however, about the importance of interacting through social media and how it has helped turn even the ordinary diner into the vociferous critic.

Overall the night was a success. From the the snappy ginger-lemon-highball that kicked off the evening, to the rich and buttery shortbread that appeared on the final plate, it’s clear that the folks at Evergreen Brick Works planned another hit. And with ample conversation, tasty food, VQA wine and a relaxed vibe, the workshop proved that even strangers can become friends around a dinner table.

The Menu:

H’ors d’oeuvres

Blue Haze with pomegranate molasses
Smoked whitefish and purple potato with dosade
Marinated flank steak with arugula, turnip and horseradish


Warm roasted beet and dandelion salad with black walnuts, cider, and Kozlik’s smokey mustard vinaigrette


Lamb kebabs
Caponata strudel, roasted heirloom radishes, salsa verde


Sicilian lemon pot de creme


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