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Inheriting the Punset estate in 1982, Marina Marcarino is a fifth generation winemaker. She took her estate to the future whilst preserving age-old traditions.
Marina became the pioneer in organic farming when she transformed all 20 hectares of her land into a fully organic vineyard during a time where major producers of Barolo and Barbaresco were abandoning tradition to complete commercially. Instead of following the trend, she struck out on her own, and made wines that resonated with her past and passions.
Known for the very first certified organic Barbaresco of Italy, Marina continues to show the world that you can preserve tradition and think of the future.

Available now:
Blend of Dolcetto (65%), Barbera and Nebbiolo vinified separately. The three varieties come together in an easy drinking wine representing a first charming approach to the region. Neh! is probably the most popular Piemontese slang word and it is used to give a positive emphasis to a conversation.
Fruity and medium bodied wine, with pleasant tannins and low acidity. Perfect to pair almost all food, but it is fabulous with pizza. THE wine for a meal.
Private Order:
Neh! Langhe Bianco DOC 2018 $21.95 12x750mL
Made with Arneis, Favorita and a touch of Cortese grapes. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and skin contact for about 1 week. Total time of fermentation is about 30 days.
Langhe Arneis DOC 2018 $29.95 12x750mL
100% Arneis – natural fermentation with skin contact of 50% of the grapes for about 10 days. Later fermentation for 40 days approx. Ageing for 3 months with batônnage. A wine with body and good ageing potential.
Barbera d’Alba DOC 2017 $26.95 12x750mL
Fresh, fruity and very juicy. A bomb of pleasantness.
Barbaresco – Campo Quadro DOCG 2011 $71.95 6x750mL
Single vineyard Campo Quadro in San Cristoforo of Neive. One of the highest vineyards of the area and the picking time is always 10 days later than all the other plots. Maceration for about 30 days and aged in French oak for 33 months and 33 in the bottle before being released.
Barbaresco – Campo Quadro DOCG 2012 $74.95 6x750mL
Aged for 36 months in wood and 36 months in the bottle. It will be officially available September 2019.
Barbaresco – Basarin Riserva DOCG 2011 $74.95 6x750mL
Great classic. Selected grapes from the Basarin of Neive, macerated for at least 40 days. Aged in oak casks for 30 months and in bottle for 30 months.
Barbaresco – Basarin Riserva DOCG 2012 $66.95 12x750mL
Great classic. Selected grapes from the Basarin of Neive, macerated for at least 40 days. Aged in oak casks for 36 months and in bottle for 36 months before being released. A wine which fully respects the outstanding tradition of the region’s reds.

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