If you are a scotch enthusiast in the market for a collectable priced like a Land Rover, as so many of us are. Both your zest for Scotch and your altruistic sensibility can be quenched this Friday, October 19 at The Trump Hotel in Toronto. 


Glenfiddich has donated one of 11 bottles of its Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve to be put up for auction through the LCBO and Waddington’s with proceeds to go to Wounded Warrior Canada. Bidding starts at $50,000 and is open to international bidders online. Organizers are hoping to fetch close to $100,000, all of which will be used to help soldiers battling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


In honor of this partnership the Summerhill LCBO played host to an event welcoming the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve from an armoured vehicle  into Toronto. The bottle, always attended by an entourage of guards, bagpipes, and men in kilts was made to feel at home. There, also to greet her  was long time distillery- mate, Glenfiddich 50 year old; a rarity in its own right with only one bottle for sale in all of Canada. Dark amber with floral aromas, pipe tobacco, oak, smoke and peat on the long extended finish.


Based on the elevating experience of imbibing in the 50 year one can only imagine what the Janet Sheed Roberts might bring. Through the blown glass bottle you can see that it is surprisingly light in color. As for the tasting notes, it is fabled to have hints of orange blossom, delicate violets, notes of toasted almond, and a hint of smoke on the nose.


If you find yourself as the proud new owner of this liquid gold you need not fear the age old dilemma ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’.  Meaning, if you drink the scotch, the scotch is gone. The people at the distillery have thought of everything. Inside the opulent packaging, there is a second, smaller bottle, designed to be opened and tasted without compromising return on investment.