Welcome to the wild and wonderful wines of Gut Oggau! Eduard and Stéphanie Tscheppe started this project in the small town of Oggau in Burgenland in 2007. Eduard had been making conventional wines with his dad in Styria and Stéphanie’s family ran a Michelin-starred restaurant in Taubenkobel. The young couple decided to start their own thing and bought a run-down 17th century farmhouse with an old screw press and vineyard holdings. The vines had been abandoned for twenty years which meant two things: one, they had a lot of work ahead of them and two, all chemical pesticides previously used on the land had been washed away. Eduard and Stéphanie took advantage and started to farm biodynamically right away (they’re now certified by Demeter). When they got into cellar they realized that the wines had such vibrancy and totally unique character one from the other. They got the brilliant idea to name the wines after fictional family members in an intuitive quality hierarchy — the kids are playful and joyous, the parents are polished and more serious, and the grandparents are world-class, dressed in evening coats and silk scarves (the two single-vineyard wines). An artist friend drew the face of each family member for the labels. Their personalities are well formed, based on the wines. 

You may have spotted these faces around town, at a table across from you and wondered what those people are drinking. Most of our stock has been shared around the city’s top wine bars but what’s left is available here. Gut Oggau is a darling of the natural wine scene, which means we should get one thing out of the way – all of the wines are unfined, unfiltered, and bottled without sulfur. It’s a bold style of winemaking that, when done right, produces some of the most exhilarating (and totally clean) wines. These are listed in the best restaurants around the world. Those excited to try new things will not be disappointed. 

Currently available through Lifford:

Gut Oggau 2017 Timotheus 
$84.99 / btl (6 btls/cs) / 7 cases available 

The son of Mechthild and Bertholdi, and the brother of Joshuari and Emmeran. He impresses people with his strong, powerful, and balanced character. He stands with both feet firmly planted on the ground but is nonetheless open-minded and always looking for new challenges. He is a self-confident man of substance and is refined. 

Varietals: Gruner Veltiner + Weissburgunder
Apple skins, elderflower, white pepper
1/3 skin contact 

Gut Oggau 2015 Joshuari 
$108.99 / btl (6 btls/cs) / 7 cases available 

Mechtild and Bertholdi’s son, the brother of Emmeram and Timotheus, and married to Wiltrude. A man with style and a charasmatic, complex character, he has a mind of his own. Indeed, as the principal heir to Gut Oggau, with his dry humour and quick wit, he can more than stand up to his father.

Varietals: 100% Blaufrankish
Sophisticated, serious, rich, meaty. 


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