I kind of look at food as a way to counteract all the other wear and tear you put on your body.” GFR’s Jamie Drummond catches up with Sal Principato, NYC, and yes, that’s a fanboy Liquid Liquid T-shirt.


It’s been just over a decade since bona fide living legend Sal Principato last graced the pages of Good Food Revolution, so I felt it was only right that we got in touch and caught up.

By way of an introduction, as I said some 11 years back:

“Salvatore Principato has quite the resumé, in fact some would say that he’s something like a phenomenon. Most will know him as being an integral component (vocals/percussion) of the seminal post-punk/post-disco outfit Liquid Liquid, responsible for such cracking records as Cavern, Optimo and Bellhead… but Sal has many other talents… cooking being a particularly strong suit of his.”

Having experienced his passion for making food at a couple of his intimate Go-Gather-Go vegan cooking classes, I was curious as to what he had been cooking up recently… and so we discuss some of the impacts of the pandemic upon NYC, the fine art of cooking with a pressure cooker, sautéing without oil (and the importance of good olive oil), the Singing Mouthful foodcast he creates along with his partner Anastasia, his current favoured wine styles, his music (as part of Liquid Liquid) being used in both The Andy Warhol Diaries and Spiderman: No Way Home, and he ends with an excellent film recommendation.

Any time with Sal is always time well spent.


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