Malcolm Jolley catches up with author and broadcaster Julie Van Rosendaal in COVID Calgary…

It’s a pretty safe bet that no matter what’s happening in the world Julie Van Rosendaal will be busy. The accomplished Calgary-based food communicator is, among many things:

  • The author of 11 cookbooks, including the recently published Dirty Food;
  • The publisher of her long standing, popular website;
  • A CBC Radio columnist;
  • A Podcast producer of Crispy Bits;
  • A Contributing Editor to The Globe And Mail;
  • A cooking class instructor; and
  • A person with a family feed, just trying to get through this COVID pandemic like everyone else.

I thought of Julie Van Rosendaal this week when I saw that she was organizing virtual cooking classes for Calgary restaurants on social media. I asked her if she’s do a GFR Zoom interview with me about what she’s up to these days and how the pandemic has affected her and her work, and her hometown and the food community there. Our conversation is below.

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