Rose Greene and Kobe Desramault

Rose Greene and Kobe Desramault at In De Wulf

David Sider at Langdon Hall

David Sider at Langdon Hall

In the second of our series of Google+ Hangouts with Terroir Symposium delegates, Arlene Stein joins me in conversation with chef Kobe Desramault and sous chef Rose Greene from Belgium’s In De Wulf – one of Northern Europe’s most sought after dinner reservations. Seen but not heard (for some technical reason beyond us) in some of the clips is Langdon Hall’s Jessica Pearce, since Desmarault and Greene will be cooking a special dinner there following the Terroir conference on April 10. Completely missing from our Hangout is Langdon chef de cuisine David Sider, who will cook alongside the In De Wulf delegation. Sider did a stage last year at In De Wulf, so when I caught up with him in his kitchen by telephone later that day he was unsurprisingly excited about hosting his former mentor in Canada.

Sider describes the experience of cooking at In De Wulf as mind blowing and told me he has tried to adopt Desramault’s philosophy of being inspired by the land surrounding the restaurant. On the 10th, Sider expects to cook with the “lots of little weeds” that ought to be shooting from the ground in Ontario, like chick weed and ramps (i.e. wild leeks). Beyond that, neither Sider, nor Desramult in the video below, would offer too many clues about the menu. The whole point, Sider explained to me, is for them to be “inspired by what they find”.

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