Oyster Boy offers an entertaining and informative two hour program that teaches everything you have to know about buying, shucking and presenting oysters.

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An expert oyster shucker will lecture for the first hour on subjects such as; how oysters are grown, how they breed, the life cycle of an oyster, and seasonal variations. In the second hour of Shuck U the professor and assistant will demonstrate how to properly shuck and present an oyster. Students are given 18 oysters and their very own oyster shucking knife and then start practising!

Anyone may sign up for Shuck U; individuals, couples, threesomes! We conduct classes of up to 12 students on weekend afternoons from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Shuck U is in session all year long. We do take a break from mid March to mid May (spring is truly the cruelest time for oysters), and another from mid July to mid September (breeding time for Canadian oysters). Please email Professor Adam for available dates.

Shuck U always starts at noon, so don’t be late!

Oyster Boy are a Good Food Fighter.

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