by Jane Rodmell for All The Best Fine foods, a ‘Certified Good food Fighter’

In June at All The Best we continue our Mediterranean journey featuring the glorious flavours of Italy. Our chefs are busy cooking many of the most popular foods in our repertoire…this week’s selection includes a chunky new pasta and bean soup, Risotto Primavera, and, for the weekend, a treat of Osso Buco. We even have you covered for a sinful dessert-Chef Mario’s decadent Tiramisù, or a more virtuous Panna Cotta to serve with our awesome freshly -made Ontario Strawberry and Lime Sauce.

I remember years ago reading the words of a talented Italian home cook “La cosa più importante quando si da un pranzo è avere un menù equilibrato” (“The most important thing to consider when you are planning a dinner party is to have a balanced menu.”) The memory that lingers after a brilliant lunch or dinner is not so much an individual dish but how all the flavours, from antipasti, through ‘primo’ (first course), ‘secundo’ (main course) to ‘dolce’ (dessert) work in harmony and combine to make a delicious meal. Each dish doesn’t have to be complicated…in fact usually the simpler, the better, especially when you include seasonal ingredients that are at their peak of flavour. In Italy your fabulous meal ‘a casa’ might include a simple soup, marinated seasonal vegetables or a pasta dish to start, perhaps a braised or grilled meat or fish dish as a main course and something sweet to finish. Cheese is usually included as part of an antipasti selection or with fruit, instead of dessert, at lunch.

A Summer Antipasti
We’ve just come up with a tasty Artichoke Tapenade (combining artichokes, fresh lemon, capers, garlic and olive oil) that is proving to be a hit with our customers.  For the perfect snack to take along on a picnic,  to serve dock side or on the patio, accompany Artichoke Tapenade, with wedges of Pecorino Romano or Toma Piemontese, Taggiasca olives, basil-scented, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, slices of prosciutto or soppresata  and a rustic Calabrese baguette. Add a glass (or two) of Chianti Classico and you’re set for a perfect, lazy summer’s day.


All the best, Jane

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All The Best Fine Foods is a Certified Good Food Fighter.