The two Jeremies of Raymonds have their work cut out for them. Chef Jeremy Charles explained to GFR, on the phone from St. John’s, that he and his front-of-the-house-partner-in-crime Jeremy Bonia have been systematically tasting through “a bunch of wines” from Stratus, in anticipation of their November 3 dinner at the celebrated Niagara winery.

The dinner is part of Stratus’ Coast to Coast series, where the winery flies in great chefs from great Canadian restaurants that feature Stratus on their lists. It doesn’t hurt that Raymonds won the prestigious Best New Restaurant in Canada last year in En Route magazine, but Stratus’ Director of Marketing Sales, Charles Baker says they asked Jeremy Charles to come to Ontario because “[he] captures the essence of what is important in hospitality – love of place and people, sourcing and supporting ingredients within arm’s reach, serving proudly and unapologetically, in his case the flavors of Newfoundland, night after exhausting night.”

Chef Charles told GFR he plans to bring more than seafood from St. John’s to Niagara-on-the-Lake and plans to incorporate wild Newfoundland game like moose, partridge and grouse. In the mean time, he and Jeremy Bonia (who’ll accompany him on the trip) have some wine to taste.

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