by Malcolm Jolley

Norene Gilletz starting writing and publishing cookbooks in Montreal in the 1960s and has never looked back. Over the years she’s specialized in healthy foods and Kosher foods (she writes regularly about food for The Canadian Jewish News), growing an audience across Caanda and the United States. Over her career, she’s embraced new technologies like her website and an active presence on facebook. Gilletz is also an expert on developing recipes for food processors. She discovered them when they were first introduced to the market and wrote one of the first ever books on how to use them for home cooks. The Pleasures of the Food Processor (1979) gave way to The Food Processor Bible (1990) and most recently a special 30th anniversary edition: The New Food Processor Bible. I caught up with Gilletz, for the video below, recently for a coffee at All The Best Fine Foods in Toronto.

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