(Food photography and styling by Ginger Hucknall)

Last week, the intrepid Jamie Drummond and I had occasion to dine at our friend Anthony Rose’s just opened restaurant on Dupont at Davenport, Rose and Sons. Only a few days old, Rose had just secured his liquor license that day, so Jamie and I made do with wild blueberry seltzers while we sampled some of the gourmet diner inspired lunch fare. (There is booze now.) Rose and Sons is in the small space (under 30 seats) where People’s Foods used to be on a strip that seems to be slowly gentrifying and in desperate need of a restaurant serving real (and delicious) food. It was very nice to see Chef de Cuisine Chris Sanderson take deliveries from Perth County Pork Products and 100km Foods. Here’s what we ate…


Onion Rings: so crispy on the outside, so sweet and juicy on the inside. Must be ordered. Always.

Patty Melt with Chili Mayo: fried rye bread meets perfectly pink ground beef like the love child from a grilled cheese and burger.

Souvlaki: Grilled lamb, a proper Greek salad, tons of tzaziki on a warm flat bread. Opa!

Bread Pudding ‘Plus’ with Wild Blueberries: the ‘plus’ (which is off the menu and must be asked for) is, of course, bacon.

Jamie Drummond and Malcolm Jolley edit Good Food Revolution.