Woodman Wines & Spirits offers rum for the holidays…

With shorter days, longer nights and cooler temperatures most of us tend to gravitate towards drinks with a decided “comfort factor”. Brown spirits definitely fit the bill.

Sure, Cognac, Armagnac, other brandies, and even whiskies are the usual suspects. But what if you could get your hands on a brown spirit with all the opulence and luxury of a top-flight brandy, the complexity and power of a single malt whisk(e)y, and at a price point that the latter two categories can’t really touch?

High-end rums present the perfect option for those seeking captivating spirits at a reasonable price. Three fabulous examples are now available in the Ontario market.

Guyana’s El Dorado line of aged rums have been crafted by Demerara Distillers Limited from molasses sourced from the banks of the Demerara River for over 300 years. Not only are the soil and climate ideal for the cultivation of sugar cane – the backbone of rum – but Demerara Distillers has a unique position in the world of rum, by continuing to operate their original heritage stills from three of the great Sugar Estates of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Typically, rums from each type of still are blended together before the final aging process, but you now have the ability to experience something truly unique: El Dorado’s limited line of vintage-dated, single still rums.

Availability is limited so I hope you take this opportunity to experience these exceptional rums.


Jason Woodman
Woodman Wines & Spirits

El Dorado Enmore Single Still Demerara Rum 2006


$89.95; LCBO No. 341164
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Produced from the original EHP Wooden Continuous Coffey Still that was first constructed at the Enmore Estate in 1880. This still was named after the original owner of the Enmore Sugar Plantation, Edward Henry Porter (EHP), and was based on the original design of its inventor, Irishman Aeneas Coffey. It is the last surviving wooden Coffey still operating in the world today. 

Distilled in 2006 and aged for 12 years before bottling, this sports a captivating nose showing up-front butterscotch aromas combined with undertones of roasted coconuts and apple. An initial taste of baked peach and coconut segues to a smoky, cedar finish. Supple, silky, seductive.

El Dorado Versailles Single Still Demerara Rum 2006


$89.95; LCBO No. 617514
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* Release delayed. Coming soon.

At more than 250 years old the Versailles Still is the world’s last remaining Single Wooden Pot Still. It was originally built for the 18th century estate at Plantation Versailles, then owned by the French family L’Amirault. Situated on the West Bank of the Demerara River it was famous for its golden rum. 

Distilled in 2006 and aged for 12 years before bottling this celebrates the smooth, chocolatey, cigar-box-infused palate of a fine aged rum. Perfect for savouring by the fire on a crisp winter evening.

Both the Versailles Still and Port Mourant (below) were key to the production of the British Navy rums given to sailors as a daily tot until 1970. 

El Dorado Port Mourant Single Still Demerara Rum 2006


$89.95; LCBO No. 469973
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The El Dorado Single Still Port Mourant Rum is produced from the Double Wooden Pot Still – the only of its kind still in use today. Constructed in 1732 on the Port Mourant Estate, this still was later moved to the Uitvlugt Estate, and then to Diamond Estate in 2000. Since then, the Double Wooden Pot Still has been maintained and operated for almost 300 years to produce small batches of this El Dorado heritage rum, and today is the only such still in operation anywhere in the world.

Expect to find robust flavours, ushered in by aromas of sweet baked apples mixed with slight vanilla and cinnamon suggestions. These give way to notes of flambéed banana and coconut, with some unique peat smoke traces that appear both on the nose and on the long, sensual finish.

Environmental & Social Commitments

Demerara Distillers is not only dedicated to maintaining the rich history of their rum production, but they’re also committed to environmental and social responsibility. Click here for a short video on these initiatives.

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The famous EHP Wooden Coffey still built in 1880, resembling something like a giant wooden filing cabinet.

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