Good Food Revolution made it to this year’s The Stop Night Market on the first of two sold-out nights on
June 13. The night market has become, in just a few years, a reliable marker that summer is around the corner. Over 40 restaurants, caterers, wineries, breweries, and beverage makers assembled on a vacant lot by the Lower JCT development in the West End. Here are just some of the people my camera and I came across that evening, from just a small sample of what was on offer, all in support of the very good work done every day by and at The Stop Community Food Centre.

Poised to check out every stall, and do some proper journalism, Amy Rosen of Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns and Emma Waverman of the CBC, Globe and Mail, Today’s Parent and her own Embrace The Chaos blog.

A happy volunteer taking care of us at the gates.

Spotted in the crowd, author and broadcaster Trish Magwood, lately of shop.

Adam Colquhoun and Pree Kuntha-Sami keep an eye on the busy Oyster Boy stall from a safe distance.

Chef Charlotte Langley and her birds at the Scout Canning booth.

Hummus, Israeli salad and pita at Fat Pasha’s stall.

The Havana Club guys provide a hydrating break from food and wine with a calming daiquiri.

Jen McNeely, of She Does The City, is flanked by Park People’s Jodi Lastman and Danielle Goldfinger of Community Food Centres Canada.

Chef and restaurateur Jonathan Poon comforts a grim faced, though well dressed, wino.

Chef Chris Brown of Citizen and Victor Dries, grills scallions wrapped in bacon, spritzed with lemon.

Pairing of the evening: bacon wrapped scallions with Adamo rosé.

A happy man, John Paul Adamo, of Adamo Estate Winery, surveys a long line for his wine.

Warner Bennett, from the Wine Lovers Agency, with his wife, Marianne Marcello, and sister Alexandra Bennett.

Neal Brother, Chris with his wife Wendy.

Ian Ritchie supplies the Green Belt Microgreens to nutrient seeking partyers!

Michael Curry and Geneva Dalley make sure the micro-mix is spicy.

Rachel Gray, The Stop Community Food Centre’s executive director visits the vendors.

Katherine Balpataky of Water Canada magazine with Alan Merskey of Norton Rose Fulbright.

This friendly man from Prince Edward County appeared to have stolen the Prime Minister’s jogging T-shirt, but was redeemed for pouring perfectly refreshing Norman Hardie Riesling.

Chef Nick Liu and Kris Chau skewer chicken satay at the Dailo stall.

Experienced outdoor eater,  Steve Luengo, from Outland Camps with his wife Dinah.

Sommelier and sustainable wine agent with The Living Vine, Zinta Steprans with an enthusiastic friend.

Then it was all done… after a few pints at the nearby Henderson Brewing Co., the Night Stop site was quiet.

Find more about the amazing work The Stop Community Food Centre does every day at