Join us as we uncork some Closson Chase to the tune of soaring strings.

Music and wine are art forms closely intertwined with human emotions. Just as music moves us, inspires us and connects us with our emotions, so too does it enhance our other sensory experiences. We invite you to find out if music can make wine taste better.

We’ll elevate your Closson Chase wine experience with light classical strings music performed by Triola String Trio from the Kingston Symphony Orchestra.  

Date: Saturday, August 11

Time: 7:30 PM

Cost: $30 in advance; $35 at door.  Tickets available at


Background Reading:

WineSmith winemaker Clark Smith has extensively investigated how music and wine are  closely linked and can enhance one another. It turns out that the peak experience isn’t just in the recording nor the bottle – it’s at its best appreciated through harmonizing both and opening up new possibilities to explore new ways to enhance our enjoyment and even help us tap into those unforgettable peak experiences.

See for a summary of Clark’s reflections.