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Cask Days Report

Cold weather and rain couldn’t keep the beer drinkers away from Cask Days at the Evergreen Brickworks.  A combination of craft beer and propane heaters kept the attendees as comfortable as possible underneath a tin canopy.  A...

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Bar Volo’s Cask Days: Probably The Best Cask Festival In Canada

Say what you like about Mozart and Miles Davis, there are few human endeavours that bring more pleasure than a good beer festival. The very idea of a beer festival would have been unthinkable in these parts thirty-odd years ago. Large groups of people standing about sampling local beers and debating the relative merits of, say, O’Keefe Old Vienna and Carling Red Cap is a concept that owes more to Monty Python than reality.

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Where Does Our Beer Come From?

The pioneer of importing “foreign” beers from other provinces is Ralph Morana, owner of Bar Volo on Yonge Street, evangelist for good beer, and constant thorn in the side of the LCBO and the licensing authorities.

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