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#Beaulo: Beau’s Tap Takeover at Bar Volo March 29th

Beau's Jordan Bamforth working hard for the Tap Takeover.

Beau’s All-Natural Brewing has announced the full list of beers that will be available at #beaulo, an extra special GFR recommended event taking place upon Thursday March 29th at barVolo (587 Yonge St., Toronto).

This exciting evening will feature a staggering 27 Beau’s beers, a delightful 13 on tap, 7 on cask, and 7 in bottles, with quite a few being rare and one-off brewings, including an exclusive collaboration between Beau’s and Bar Volo’s on-site nanobrewery House Ales.

On Tap
1. Lug•Tread – Lagered Ale (Flagship Beer)
2. NightMärzen – Oktoberfest Lager (Fall Seasonal)
3. Bog•Water – Gruit Ale (Winter Seasonal)
4. Beaver•River – I.P.Eh? (Spring Seasonal)
5. Smokin’ Banana Peel – Smoked Hefeweizen (Wild Oats #11)
6. Weiss O’ Lantern – Pumpkin-weiss (Wild Oats #13)
7. Mr Hyde – RyePA + Roggenbier (Wild Oats #14)
8. Dr. Jekyll – Nightmarzen + Lugtread Blend
9. Treading•Water – Bogwater + Lugtread Blend
10. Barrel Aged Dunkel Buck (Greener Futures Release)
11. Ryes Above – Rye Porter (House Ales + Beau’s collaboration)
12. May Contain Traces of My Nuts – Peanut Butter Stout (exclusive #beaulo one-off)
13. Strong Patrick – Irish Red Ale w/ Barrel Aged Blend (Wild Oats #18)

In Bottles
1. Barrel Aged Dunkel Buck (Greener Futures Release)
2. Mates with Dates – Experimental Fruit Beer Collaboration (Wild Oats #16)
3. Winterbrewed – Coffee-Amber (Wild Oats #9)
4. Collabrrrewator – Coffee-Dopplebock (Wild Oats #17)
5. Dunkel Buck – Dunkel Weizenbock (Wild Oats #10)
6. Hogan’s Goat – Spiced Bock (Wild Oats #15)
7. Screaming Beaver – Oak Aged Double IPA (Wild Oats #3)

In Casks
1. Beaver River – I.P.Eh? (Spring Seasonal)
2. Ryes Above – Rye Porter (House Ales + Beau’s collaboration)
3. Ryes Above (w/Brett) – Rye Porter w/Brett (House Ales + Beau’s collaboration)
4. Doublewide – DIPA (Pro-Am Collaboration #3)
5. “Doble de Acción” – Agave Pale Ale – Aged with Tequila Soaked Oak Chips (exclusive #beaulo one-off)
6. Good Night Nurse – Belgian Quad (exclusive #beaulo one-off)
7. Super Smash Beau’s – Single Malt + Single Hop Brew (exclusive #beauo one-off)

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  1. Is there some kind of award for drinking a pint of each?

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