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Toronto Goes Greek

On Tuesday the 15th of May a plethora of Ontario winelovers descended upon Toronto’s Metropolitan Hotel for a chance to discover The New Wines of Greece. Many of the shining stars of the Greek wine world were present to pour their vinous treats.

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Attn: Sommeliers and Wine Agents – Exclusive Wines Of Jura Trade Tasting

For many years I have been so utterly fascinated by the various wine styles of Jura, that intriguing little region snuggled in between Burgundy and Switzerland. Perhaps this love affair is born from the fact that Jura produces such unique wines, wines whose flavour profiles and intriguing complexities tend to lie far outwith the taste spectrum of the average winedrinker.

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Eating Chicago… The Right Way

I love Chicago. Even though it has been dubbed the ‘Second City’ by some jealous New Yorkers, nothing could be further from the truth. Having taught there for the past six years, I have developed an affinity for its architecture, atmosphere, culture and food. It has even been described as a cleaner and politer version of the Big Apple. Chicago is definitely a foodies paradise, and, in this regard, I believe it to be the superior choice over its east coast rival.

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