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Harvest Time at The Healthy Butcher

Late Summer is filled with the anticipation of the return of familiar faces and familiar routines, as children go back to school and summer vacations end. The return to routine is bitter sweet. It signals a more settled time for everyone. We love this time of year because just as everyone is returning to making home cooked meals, they have a superb selection of ingredients from which to choose.

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Tweeting From the Farmhouse

Hall, who farms free-range, grass-fed and heritage cattle, pigs and poultry sees Twitter’s potential in creating meaningful industry relationships. And sometimes, those meaningful relationships can also lead directly to sales. “It’s an online sharing of information,” he says. “We’ve sold some stuff from the connections I’ve made on Twitter.

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CBC Winter Farmers Market

by Kelly Jones The availability of many freshly harvested Ontario fruits and vegetables may be limited to the summer and early fall months, but eating well and conscientious consumerism don’t have to be. And this is the thinking...

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