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A Haggis is for life, not just for Robbie Burn’s Day

Our friend Teamy from Good Food Revolution’s Glasgow office sent us the most delightful recipe for Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties Samosas. It’s important to remember that folks don’t only eat haggis on January the 25th, Robbie Burn’s. Jamie Drummond tells us that as a child in Edinburgh, Scotland, he would have Haggis at least once a month… which explains a lot…

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Traditional Haggis Recipe

Haggis is really just a large round sausage; the skin being a sheep’s paunch. The finest haggis of all is made with deer liver, served to the skirl of the pipes, cut open with a traditional sgian dubh (black stocking knife) and accompanied by small glasses of neat Scottish whisky.

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