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Why Dale MacKay Won Top Chef Canada

For thirteen weeks this spring into summer summer Canadian chefs and foodies has their own game to watch: Top Chef Canada. And at the end of the run (which Food Network Canada claims as the most watched series in the channel’s history), Dale MacKay of Vancouver British Columbia held the title as the dominion’s tallest toque. But how’d he get there?

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Alexandre Gauthier Interview

It won’t accept easy choices,” Alexandre Gauthier says. “[My cuisine] involves contrasts, continuous experimentation”. His trip to Toronto also included announcing plans for the refurbishment of his family’s restaurant La Grenouillère. In between his busy schedule, he took time out to answer a few questions for Good Food Revolution.

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Bob Blumer

Blumer has made a career at focusing the joy of preparing and serving good food into easily consumed and digested cultural products, but it turns out it all came about by accident. Blumer’s first career was as a rock’n’roll manager, specifically to Jane Siberry, the Canadian avant-garde new wave chanteuse whose career he followed to California. In the early 90’s Siberry went to England to record an album with the legendary producer Brian Eno and Blumer used this hiatus to write Surreal Gourmet. “I was winging it, ” he says, “it was just my perspective on what makes a great dinner party.”

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Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #27 Jason Collett

Now what’s better than sitting down at Bar Italia on a sunny afternoon, sharing a couple of pints with Toronto indie rock singer and songwriting legend Jason Collett? Jason shares his thoughts on the importance of good food, his diet whilst on tour, and all manner of other things… to be quite honest it was hard to get a word in edgeways…

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