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Michael Steh and the Slow Food Chef Dinner Series

Chef Michael Steh, of reds bistro in Toronto’s financial district, is famed for his homemade charcuterie and commitment to Slow Food. Arlene Stein, Co-Leader of Slow Food Toronto, recently sat down with Chef Steh and GFR brought our video camera along. Stein asks Steh to talk about the dinner he’s hosting for a compendium of SF chefs including Jamie Kennedy, Chris McDonald, Donna Dooher, Jeff Crump, David Chrystian, Mark Cutrara, Jonathan Gushue, Kevin McKenna, Jason Innis, Afrim Pristine, David Castellan, Bertrand Alépée and Leslie Steh. He also explains why Slow Food is important to him and what he does at reds.

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Perfecting Pinot…

International Pinot Noir Celebration is a weekend event held annually, celebrating over 60 of the best Pinot Noirs from around the world.

This year, Niagara’s Henry of Pelham and Tawse winery will attend for the first time to show off Ontario’s evolving success with this varietal. While enjoying a glass of 2000 Cristom Pinot, we discuss the upcoming event with HoP’s Ron Giesbrecht and Paul Pender of Tawse.

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Playin’ Free in Oregon

By Irene Steh I often like to have an ongoing soundtrack to my life, and the track that seems to ring off when I head to the land that I love is Loretta Lynn’s ‘Portland, Oregon’, with Jack White singing back up;  A tune with...

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For The Love Of Pinot

by Irene Steh Mid-life crisis? Pilgrimage? Passion for Pinot? Who knows… Let’s just say that while I would like to complain about the life of less money, living out of a suitcase in damp, cellar-like conditions, there are...

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