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Go Smoke and Get Fat – Pairing Savoury Foods with Icewine

The crucial element in Icewine, however, is acidity, lifting its weight, but also enhancing food flavours. Savoury foods seem to work very well with Icewine, salt and spices also, but maintaining a smart balance is advisable. Weight and texture come into playing an important role and in my view, similarity makes the pairing good.

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Massimo Capra’s Gourmet Escapes – New Show on a New Canadian Channel

Before, and in between, dining we got a chance to watch Capra and Parsons in the Peller kitchen. I assumed most of the actual cooking would be done by Parsons’ large brigade. But I was wrong: they were busy that afternoon prepping for dinner service. Every carrot and onion was chopped by the two TV chefs – barely anything was prepped and every single piece of food we ate was cooked a la minute while the two of them traded gentle insults, explained what they were doing and took restorative swigs of Niagara Chardonnay.

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Bonacini, Capra and Parsons Are the 3 Chefs

Michael Bonacini (Oliver & Bonacini), Massimo Capra (Mistura) and Jason Parsons (Peller Estates) are individually accomplished chefs. They are also individually accomplished broadcasters, each having a recurring role in the local Toronto morning show CityLine. Six years ago, the producers of CityLine decided to bring the three amigos together for a cooking segment and ‘3 Chefs’ was born. Now, the Toronto Triumvirate has just published their first collaborative cookbook ‘3 Chefs: The Kitchen Men’.

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