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Kids at Brick Works

The Evergreen Brick Works is famous for its Saturday farmers market and as a venue for fancy parties and food festivals, but there’s lots for kids to do around food there too. EBW’s Food Program Manager, Marina...

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What Happens at Chuck E. Cheese’s

While I was over by the soda fountain, trying desperately to desalinate, I had the opportunity to peek into the “kitchen”. The “cooks” and the order takers at the counter, and servers who brought the pizzas to the plastic tables, seemed to be all the same. On shelves on the walls, were stacks of cardboard boxes labeled “Sysco”. In the middle of the room was a large conveyor belt sort of oven, and next to it a table where the pizzas were assembled by the workers. I saw no other cooking equipment, but a vaguely managerial looking guy noticed me staring and started to walk over purposefully in my direction.

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