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Prison Food Part 2 – John Lee at Joyceville

What I am looking at is the work of one Michel Lafond. M. Lafond is an imposing man with shoulders broad enough to block out the sun. Bespectacled and dignified in his whites, he slowly begins to describe what he has plated specifically for my visit. I’ve witnessed some of the most nasty, brutish cooks (Marc Thuet, Marc Thuet and Marc Thuet) morph into Julia Childs when detailing their artful creations but I am a little taken aback to hear that “the heirloom potato salad is topped with fiddleheads and edible pansies.” That’s right, he said pansies. Mais oui.

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Prison Food – Learning to Cook in the Pen

My first interview is at Pittsburgh Institution with Andre Callaghan. A young soft spoken man who is enthralled by what he sees on Food TV. He likes Gordon Ramsay, wants to pursue an interest in vegetarian cooking and will be released in July 2011. When I asked him why he applied to be in the program, he seemed rather uneasy with the question. But as we talk, it becomes apparent that he takes great pride in the work that he is a part of everyday.

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