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Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #56 Chef Marc Thuet

In magazines, newspapers, and websites much has been written about Toronto Chef Marc Thuet, and not all of it always complimentary. Having always spoken his mind, calling a spadassin a spadassin, has undoubtedly ruffled some (grouse) feathers in certain quarters over the years. Chef Thuet’s obvious conviction, and unwillingness to compromise has only added to his maverick/”bad boy” reputation. But behind all of that beats the passionate heart of an extremely talented Chef. WARNING: This Article may contain Language and Themes of a Graphic Nature, and May Not Be Suitable For Work. Viewer Discretion is Advised

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Prison Food Part 2 – John Lee at Joyceville

What I am looking at is the work of one Michel Lafond. M. Lafond is an imposing man with shoulders broad enough to block out the sun. Bespectacled and dignified in his whites, he slowly begins to describe what he has plated specifically for my visit. I’ve witnessed some of the most nasty, brutish cooks (Marc Thuet, Marc Thuet and Marc Thuet) morph into Julia Childs when detailing their artful creations but I am a little taken aback to hear that “the heirloom potato salad is topped with fiddleheads and edible pansies.” That’s right, he said pansies. Mais oui.

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