By Jamie Drummond

Chef Marc Thuet at the St. Lawrence Market after hours

In magazines, newspapers, and websites much has been written about Toronto Chef Marc Thuet, and not all of it always complimentary. Having determinedly spoken his mind, calling a spadassin a spadassin, has undoubtedly ruffled some (grouse) feathers in certain quarters over the years. Chef Thuet’s obvious conviction, and unwillingness to compromise has only added to his maverick/”bad boy” reputation. But ultimately behind all of that beats the passionate heart of an extremely talented Chef.

Good Food Revolution caught up with him at the launch of his first cookbook, French Food My Way (Penguin), and found a warm, charismatic, and genuine man who is truly happy in his own skin. And why not? He’s Marc Thuet.

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From last week’s Good Food Revolution Holiday Gift Guide:
Marc Thuet – French Food My Way ($39.95 at The Cookbook Store)
The fourth generation Alsatian chef, television star, and human tattoo canvas tries his hand at his very first cookbook. Of all the cookbooks that crossed my desk this season I have to say that Thuet’s has given me the most pleasure thus far. While it has to be said that a few of the recipes are somewhat challenging for the home cook, the directions surrounding technique are extremely well laid out. It’s a good looking book too, with photographs, colour palette, and fonts all being very pleasing to the eye. I love to leisurely browse through cookbooks, gathering ideas for the weeks ahead, and French Food My Way fitted the bill perfectly. A the top of my list of recipes to try in the near future: Lamb Navarin with Chops, Kidneys, Testicles, and Young Fava Beans followed closely by Gratin of Tripe, Snails, and Fois Gras. My mouth is watering just typing those…

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of  Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… and he has seriously been enjoying Marc’s first cookbook, French Food My Way.

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