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Interview With Monty Waldin

I just think wine is an amazing, fascinating, fantastic…food. For me, it’s food. It’s not a drink. It’s part of my dining experience: it’s food. I’m not going to eat healthy food and have unhealthy wine and I think every wine producer on the planet is capable of making healthy wine. Every producer on the planet should strive to do that – not only for himself but also for his local community and for his consumers.

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Osoyoos Larose: The Rose Of Lotus Land

Osoyoos Larose’s wine maker and vineyard manager, Pascal Madevon, explains to Good Food Revolution’s Marlise Ponzo that his decision to re-locate from the Medoc to the Okanagan Valley was made on his first visit with his family when he set eyes on the near perfect state of the grapes growing there. The breathtaking landscape and the spectacular terroir the site had to offer were difficult to resist…

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Peperonata: The Galle Pepper Party

Every year between late September and early October Francesco Galle, an established Toronto artist and his family throw a magnificent Pepper Party, Pepperonata. This tradition has been celebrated for the last consecutive twelve years and I hope for many more to come. It started out as a small gathering of family and very close friends and has grown over the years into, as Francesco puts it, ‘the love fest that it is today’.

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Sardinian Tour: In Search of Typical Cuisine

Culigiones, a very particular type of agnolotto filled with potato, mint and an acidulated Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese, are perfectly executed and we mop up the sauce, or ‘facciamo la scarpetta’ we make the little shoe as they say in Italia, with intricately sculpted traditional bread. The smell of the porceddu, roast-suckling pig, fills the air as it sizzles fireside in the center of the gorgeous dining room.

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By The Sea In Lazio: An Italian Home-Cooked Odyssey

Vines and trees are heavy with fruit ripe for the picking. We take morning walks to the fisherman’s stand beachside where he sells his morning’s catch. Trips to the buffalo farm to score us some scrumptiously juicy fresh mozzarella are more fun than I can possibly convey. I cannot get enough of the stuff.

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Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko, Xinomavro… A Greek Wine Primer

As complicated as these Greek grape varietals look to pronounce, they became easy to understand when compared to more well known international varietals, by Master Sommelier John Szabo at last week’s New Wines Of Greece Seminar and tasting. The man’s a genius and the discussion he led in the packed ballroom at The Metropolitan Hotel, downtown Toronto, was extraordinarily entertaining and educational.

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