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France Meets Ontario – Norman Hardie Winemaker’s Dinner at Didier

Didier Leroy has long been recognised as one of Canada’s top chefs. He is one of only 3 chefs to be awarded the “Maitres-Cuisiniers de France/Master Chef of France” in Canada. Didier’s classic approach using local ingredients makes a natural match for our “old world” style wines. We spent a “tough” afternoon prior to vintage tasting through our wines and dishes to find the perfect matches.

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Norm Hardie’s Diary, June 11, 2010

Looking back to initial design of my winery in 2003, I had always envisioned incorporating a pizza oven so that our customers could fully appreciate the culture of our winery. As importantly our old-world-style wines and food go hand in hand. This aspiration is finally come to fruition. Aubrey, who is arguably one of the top free mason builders in Canada,is using natural limestone from Prince Edward County to reflect our artisanal approach. I hope our pizza oven will add a fulfilling dimension to the Norman Hardie experience.

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