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A Little on Lentils, with Chef Michael Smith

Okay, I was definitely guilty of it. I’ll admit it. Big Beefy Carnivores are guilty of it, and certainly anyone under the age of 18 whose palate hates on anything nutritious (generally speaking), has been guilty of it.

Lentil hating, it’s very common and it must stop!

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Anita Stewart’s Food Day in Canada

Here’s the scoop! Food Day Canada is always the Saturday of the first weekend in August, since in most parts of Canada there’s a holiday Monday attached. It was known till last year as “The World’s Longest Barbecue”. The goal, when I began it in 2003, was to collectively celebrate the food of Canada (specifically beef because of BSE and the devastation in that industry at the time). After that year, I included all ingredients that were and are harvested here and every year since have challenged Canadians to barbecue, or otherwise prpeare them and share their menus on a dedicated website: www.foodday.ca.

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PEI Potato Vodka

Julie Shore is pouring me a glass of vodka. This is not my usual after lunch drink, but I am making an exception from my double espresso rule this afternoon, at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, on the recommendation of Michael Smith, Iron Chef, Food Network star and as proud a Prince Edward Islander they come.

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