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Norman Hardie Makes Matt Kramer’s Wines of the Year

Hardie is understandably pleased, but stresses that he sees the column as a victory for all Ontario wines, since Kramer is famous for championing the concept of “terroir”, that wines should taste like the particular place they come from. Hardie bought and planted his vineyard in 2003 based on the conviction that he could make wines there unlike any other in the world.

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A Stunning Review and Fantastic Events

Our 2009 Pinot noirs and Chardonnays as well as the 2010 Riesling have been enthusiastically received by journalists, local restaurateurs and our two new export markets: Japan and New York. John Szabo, one of only 2 Canadian Master Sommeliers awarded us 92 points for our 2009 County Pinot noir “Unfiltered”.

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Cuvee L Chardonnay Release Party – June 27

On June 27 from 11 am to 2 pm, join us at the winery as we celebrate the release of our first-ever “reserve” Chardonnay, the 2008 Cuvee L. To accompany our range of Chards, we will be serving cheeses from Fifth Town, smoked white fish from Lake Huron and incredible Paella. Escape the madness of the G20 and enjoy our Cuvee L Chardonnay in bucolic Prince Edward County. Ironically, it is the Chardonnay that was chosen to be served at the final dinner of the G8.

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Norm Hardie’s Diary, June 11, 2010

Looking back to initial design of my winery in 2003, I had always envisioned incorporating a pizza oven so that our customers could fully appreciate the culture of our winery. As importantly our old-world-style wines and food go hand in hand. This aspiration is finally come to fruition. Aubrey, who is arguably one of the top free mason builders in Canada,is using natural limestone from Prince Edward County to reflect our artisanal approach. I hope our pizza oven will add a fulfilling dimension to the Norman Hardie experience.

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