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Georgs Kolesnikovs and the Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Georgs Kolesnikovs wanted one place, at one time where he could taste as many of Canada’s great new artisanal cheeses as as possible, and when no one else would create that place for him, he decided to do it himself. The fruits of years of labour for the former journalist and magazine publisher are about to be realised as The Great Canadian Cheese Festival will start its weekend run on June 4th at Prince Edward County’s Crystal Palace.

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Maple in the County 2011

Melting snow and longer days indicate the coming of spring and the first harvest of the year, Maple Syrup. Prince Edward County residents and visitors will celebrate and enjoy some good ol’ fashion fun at the award-winning 10th Annual Maple in the County Festival with trips to sugar bushes, farms, wineries, restaurants and shops across the area on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27.

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The Scoop – Slickers in The County

I meet the enigmatic owners, Marie Frye and Pat Hacker, outside on a lawn sprinkled with bright Muskoka chairs and a couple picnic tables. After receiving warm welcomes and firm handshakes, I take a spot with them in the sun to discuss their labour of love. Throughout our conversation, a constant stream of families flows through the shop, locals stop to say hello and a farmer on a tractor drives by, shouting out a good review to the gathered crowd of tourists. “We pay him to do that” Marie jokes.

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Cuvee L Chardonnay Release Party – June 27

On June 27 from 11 am to 2 pm, join us at the winery as we celebrate the release of our first-ever “reserve” Chardonnay, the 2008 Cuvee L. To accompany our range of Chards, we will be serving cheeses from Fifth Town, smoked white fish from Lake Huron and incredible Paella. Escape the madness of the G20 and enjoy our Cuvee L Chardonnay in bucolic Prince Edward County. Ironically, it is the Chardonnay that was chosen to be served at the final dinner of the G8.

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Norm Hardie’s Diary, June 11, 2010

Looking back to initial design of my winery in 2003, I had always envisioned incorporating a pizza oven so that our customers could fully appreciate the culture of our winery. As importantly our old-world-style wines and food go hand in hand. This aspiration is finally come to fruition. Aubrey, who is arguably one of the top free mason builders in Canada,is using natural limestone from Prince Edward County to reflect our artisanal approach. I hope our pizza oven will add a fulfilling dimension to the Norman Hardie experience.

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