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How I Have Been Working Hard For You – A Food Writer’s Diary

The food writer’s life is punctuated by some very pleasant episodes. More often than not, invitations to these episodes come from publicists and PR professionals, wishing to drum up some press for their restaurateur clients. We craven, ink-stained wretches are often more than happy to accept these invitations, as our schedules allow, on the dual grounds that: a) there may be a story in it, and b) it sounds like fun.

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Tempering Toronto

In the midst of all this, however, I somehow got the bright idea that, at some point, I would open a bar, mostly to put an end to the dearth of decent cocktails in this city but also because over the last decade I have learned that writing, unlike crime, doesn’t pay. And, with this in mind, I looked at a lot of spaces. Some were too big, others too small; some had small animals living in crawl spaces and others had black mold worthy of a National Geographic piece. All pretty much had super-shady landlords.

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