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Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #41 Zane Caplansky (Caplansky’s)

With some notable examples a little north of the downtown core, Toronto had never been serviced very well in the deli/smoked meat department. This was fact that did not go unnoticed by Zane Caplansky, which led him to opening Caplansky’s at the venerable Monarch Tavern on Clinton Street back in 2008. Since that date, and much gushing press coverage, Caplansky’s has relocated to College Street, just north of Kensington Market. Zane and his crew have now snugly settled into these digs and the spot now looks as if it has been a fixture on the strip for many a year…

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The Great Deli Duel

I am one of the diehard people who cannot visit Montreal without eating at Schwartz’s deli. If I’m there for the day, that is where I will eat. No questions asked. The hot, steamy meat comes fresh from a steamer with a pickle the size of the Jolly Green Giant’s big toe. It’s the type of place that always has a lineup (in -30 degree weather in winter) lineups that I have not seen in Toronto. You eat and then you leave. It’s a shrine. It’s an institution. My question is, can Caplansky’s, Goldin’s and The Stockyards beef it up for us?

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