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Pho Linh Has Ngo Gai or Culantro

The contest for Toronto’s best Pho, in fooderatti circles, has been a mostly east versus west affair. The hipsters of Ossington proudly point to Joanne Kates’ review on the wall of Golden Turtle, while the Gen Xer parents of Riverdale are smug about Mimi’s hallowed place at the end of Gerrard Street’s Pho Row.

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All The Best is LFP Certified and a Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Today we are thrilled to have received official Local Food Plus certification. Local Food Plus (a.k.a. “LFP”) is an award-winning non-profit organization founded in Toronto in 2006 by broadcaster, teacher, sustainable food crusader Lori Stahlbrand. The organization certifies local farmers and food producers who meet LFP standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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The Real Dish: January is Soup Month

My grandmother taught me well, because the secret, she said, is that there are only three real rules for soup. The rest was just the spice of life. First, real bones. It’s kind to avoid the cavalier wasting of the nutritional gift of that animal’s life, she knew, but the kindness was selfish, too- good skin, good bones, good hair, good metabolism comes from good bones. Two, simmer. You can’t rush a soup. You’ve got to let that soup simmer. Don’t be in a hurry. And third, soup always tastes better the day after, giving the ingredients a chance to “marry.”

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