Just the other week I was sent some rather special scissors from Ciselier for review purposes, a pair of Pallarès Everyday Kitchen Scissors and a cute little pair of Alpen Schoolhouse Righties for our son.

I guess that I’d never really thought too much about the provenance of my scissors, which in retrospect is decidedly strange seeing as do make quite the fuss over my lovingly cared-for Wüsthof kitchen knives (Solingen, Germany BTW).

I’ll pen a proper review of the scissors later this week, but for today I’d like to present for you Part One of my interview with Ciselier Founder & CEO, Maggie Fox.

I was curious as to to the inspiration behind Ciselier, a project with a decidedly niche audience, if ever there were one.

Personally, I’d never previously experienced such patently beautiful scissors, being so accustomed to the clumsy snapping of nasty cheap pairs my entire life, however, I think I may have just discovered my new obsession.


Look out for Part Two next week.