We welcome back winemaker Paul Clüver (looking very concerned here) to speak about his excellent new Cluver “Village” Chardonnay release.


Paul Clüver is a gentleman who always brings a ray of sunshine to my days. I still clearly remember my first encounter with Paul at the big South African tasting way back in 2017, and the way I was rather taken by his gentle, eloquent turn of phrase and ever-so-calm delivery. Indeed, every time we have bumped into each other since, it has always been an absolute pleasure, and a most welcome break from the frantic nature of trade shows and industry tastings.

With this in mind, I was ecstatic to hear that Paul had partnered with out great friends (and Good Food Fighters!) at Buyer + Cellars, and that they would now be representing his wines in Ontario.

In our Zoom chat we talk at length about his newly released Clüver “Village” Chardonnay, available right now from the aforementioned Buyers + Cellars right here, for a remarkable $25 a bottle.


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Paul Clüver’s wines are represented in Ontario by Buyers + Cellars.

Buyers + Cellars are a Good Food Fighter.

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