Way back in those halcyon days when we were still shaking hands, The Small Beer Brew Co.'s James Grundy explains the concept behind his terrific small beers.

Way back in those halcyon days when we were still shaking hands, The Small Beer Brew Co.’s James Grundy takes us on a tour of his cracking Small Beers.


Back in the days when we were still shaking hands with each other, I sat down with James Grundy, the co-founder of the Small Beer Brew Co., the world’s first brewery dedicated to the production of what is historically known as “small beer.”

Small beer has quite the history, dating back to Medieval times. Although produced commercially, it was also often made in households for consumption by children and servants, with an alcohol by volume always being less than 2.9%. 

What with moderation and cutting back on the booze gaining considerable traction (before the current lockdowns!), James Grundy and his colleague Felix James saw a gap in the market for great tasting beers with lower alcohol.

In this interview James talks about the story behind their rather excellent small beers.

Please note, these small beers are currently unavailable in the Canadian market, but we hope to see them here soon through Trajectory Beverage Partners.

Watch this space, and we’ll be reviewing them in due course; they were really damn good BTW.

To be honest though, I was just a little concerned that I may simply drink twice as much volume-wise…

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Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And James reminded him of a certain Jamieson Kerr.