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Bees… Nature’s humble workers remarkably give us honey, but also a powerful antibacterial substance, propolis. Renowned for it’s health benefits, propolis, otherwise known as bee glue by beekeepers, is a waxy sticky substance that bees use to build their hives and fill small holes. Similar to glue in texture, propolis is secreted by bees and is made from a combination of beeswax, resign from buds & trees, and other bee secretions. The bee knife for example is used to help unglue the hives which the bees try to seal together to prevent unwanted predators and visitors from stealing or harming their honey.

Recognized for it’s germicidal, anti inflammatory and antibacterial effects, a group of friends of the Rosewood team decided to descend upon the Beamsville Bench and surrounding apiaries of Rosewood in search of this natural bee secretion. Looking for an immune booster and to help their new health kick they came to Rosewood Estates Winery on the Beamsville Bench in search of propolis.

Rosewood, a family managed winery is also a serious bee loving organization. With over 9 apiaries scattered across the Niagara escarpment, the Roman family, led by Eugene & William Roman are a team of busy & dedicated apiculturists. William, a 3rd generation beekeeper and Operations Manager for Rosewood, loves to share his passion for bees with friends. When his friends came up with the “Propolis Hunting” idea, he was happy to take them out to discover the magic of bees. Below are photos of their successful Propolis Hunt.

Propolis, like honey and beeswax can be digested. For maximum health benefits the Propolis Hunters decided to crush the propolis and add it to honey. Rich and chewy with a waxy flavour, the Propolis Hunters are in the midst of developing interesting ways to enjoy nature’s medicine and ultimate healer. It’s also anti septic and full of minerals to help boost your immune system.

Want to try Rosewood honey? Find it in Chapter Indigo stores near you or come to Niagara to visit our bees and sample our honey ……. http://bit.ly/14XTZ98


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