The view from The Three Chimmneys, Isle of Skye

The view from The Three Chimmneys, Isle of Skye

If one takes the trouble to travel a little further afield than the tartan (Read: plaid) -clad tourist entrapments of much of Scotland, if one journeys to some of the more far flung seabound outcrops of my homeland (Hebridean islands excluded), one may find oneself on the stunningly beautiful Isle of Skye, overlooking the tranquil Dunvegan sea loch. And here lies a wonderful place.

For almost 20 years The Three Chimneys restaurant has been serving some of the most honest and earnest farm-to-table cuisine that one could ever imagine, something that has not gone unnoticed by the more discerning of the globe’s food writers; New York food critic Frank Bruni rates The Three Chimneys amongst his top five restaurants.

Much like my beloved Fäviken in northern Sweden, TTC is a bit of a trek to get to, but it is certainly a journey worth taking.

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