By Robin Wilson

Tori's Bakeshop Exterior

I’ve tried for years to be satisfied off of gluten free alternatives, ever since I discovered my intolerance to the amazing forbidden fruit. I even had to resort to vegan and vegetarian alternatives that perhaps could serve me a little better. But no. There was never anything pleasant enough to keep me on the healthy track. So of course, I gave up. I had fallen victim to the very thing that caused the intolerance in the first place…glutinous flavour – which I was not finding in anything but wheat & dairy filled treats. I had accepted the impossibility of “gluten-free” being completely fulfilling. As is the stigma attached to vegan, and many vegetarian, foods. Well guess what, times- they are a changing!

Victoria Vaccher of Tori's Bakeshop

As Toronto’s food scene grows, so does the talent that aims to transform these preconceived notions of the (what even I thought was) taste-less & dry vegan/gluten free cooking.

Well kudo’s are in order for 26 year old, country girl, Victoria Vaccher who has recently opened a killer bakeshop in Toronto’s Beach town. As inviting as the shop looks from the outside to its queen east beach crowd, so are the delicious treats that are offered inside. This really is no joke. I wouldn’t lie. The Cheese & Chive gluten free biscuits are hands down the best biscuits I’ve ever tried in my life. Definitely has you wondering what attributes to their buttery fluffy’ness (when you know there was no butter used at all!). Who knew yummy’ness was achievable with no butter. Not me!

Oooohhhhhh... Cupcakes!

And let me tell you, it’s hard for me to promote this amazing place only because I know it could lead to less biscuits for me – as they are already a hot commodity.  Watch out for the guy who comes in and rapes the counter of them all (almost daily apparently) – my biggest fear is that when I make my second trip out east all the way from queen west (cause of course it’s worth it), that this ‘Biscuit Burglar’ (as I will call him) gets there before me.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about the biscuits. That’s just what will have ME returning. If cupcakes or cinnamon buns are more up your alley, then get a move on. Tori knocks these out of the park too. Amongst other bestsellers.

So for once, do not be afraid of the word ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten-free’. I know I’ll be more open-minded next time I’m out and about. And quite frankly, you could probably get away with dragging a non-believer to Tori’s Bakeshop – and not even disclosing it’s healthy secret. It would actually make for a great experiment. Tori even tells me that some of her customers still have no idea.

And remember, take it easy on the cheese & chive biscuits – leave some for the rest of us.

Robin Wilson is a avid eater who enjoys the finer things in life… including cupcakes.