Antonio Sorgat from Toro Albalá shows off an innovative label.

Antonio Sorgato from Toro Albalá shows off an innovative label.

Antonio Sorgato is the CEO and export man for Toro Albalá, a winery in Southern Spain, near Cordoba, that specializes in the Pedro Ximenez grape. I met him to shoot the video below, after we tasted three of Toro Albalá’s amazing wines at his Ontario importing agency, Le Sommelier. We tasted the:

  • Eléctrico Fino del Lagar NV, an amazingly crisp and bone dry Fino whose age is an average of 10 years from a solera blend that is over 60 years old. It spends a good deal of time under flow and has an umami touch of olives and bread dough from the light oxidation;
  • Don P.X. Gran Reserva 1986, a deep dark earthy sweet wine that spent 25 years in barrel. Full of raisin, molasses and whiff of smoke, it’s own dessert in a glass; and
  • Don P.X. Selección 1962, the stunner of the three it was much brighter and lighter somehow from the 1986 Gran Reserva! It showed notes of citrus and amazing acidity that balances beuatifully with the darker and sweeter notes, like chocolate.

But don’t take it from me, watch Antonio Sorgato tell the story of Toro Albalá and it’s D.O. Montilla-Moriles PX wines…

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