by Jo Dickins

Jo Dickins took her camera to reds bistro on June 18 for Slow Food Toronto dinner in aid of the group’s efforts to send a delegation to Terra Madre, Slow Food International’s bi-annual congress in Turin. Each course was prepared by a duo of leading local chefs. Dickins offers the following photo essay, which shows both the chefs’ mastery and their spirit of cooperation that make them and the Toronto fine-dining scene unique. – Malcolm Jolley, Ed.

Led by Michael Steh (centre) the chefs plan out the evening.

Diners would sit along one long communal table. Chris MacDonald and Donna Dooher.

Chef Steh calmly monitors the situation.

Canapes are served in the bar.

Asparagus and sparkling wine.

Soups on!

David Chrystian

Quack, quack.

Always local and in season: scapes feature on Jamie Kennedy's shortribs. Kennedy surrounded by Jason Inniss and Donna Dooher.

Quite a brigade.

Donna Dooher chats with former employee Jeff Crump. Spot prawns.

Kevin McKenna and Jonathan Gushue chat with cheese man Afrim Pristine.

Les fromages and spirited foodie conversation.

Was the kitchen as much fun as the dining room?

Jo Dickins is a Toronto-based professional photographer. Find out more about Jo Dickins at

[Photo: John Gundy.]