by Anita Stewart

[This piece was originally posted at, the official site of Food Day 2011. Visit for more of Anita Stewart’s great articles on Canadian food. – Malcolm Jolley, Ed.]

Nobuyo Stadtlander, whose family roots are deep in the island of Okinawa, has rallied some of Canada’s most renowned chefs (some might call them ‘culinary legends’) to help raise funds for the relief effort in Japan.  Michael Stadtlander and Jamie Kennedy are being reunited.  Anthony Walsh of Canoe will be there as will Chris MacDonald.  it’s a star studded cast. The event on Sunday, March 27th at Boehmer in Toronto (see poster below) is entirely volunteer-based and the food/wine/beer is being donated.  Even the restaurant location has given the space.   It will be, in total Stadtlander style, a magnificent, delicious evening in support of one of the most terrible disasters of our lifetime.

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