Malcolm Jolley talks to brothers Bruno and Davide Codispoti who have launched Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz…

Bruno and Davide Codispoti are the brothers from Vaughn behind  361 Degrees Inc. who have launched Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz, a wine and bitters based ‘ready to drink’ cocktail that has that bright orange hue familiar to anyone who has spent a warm evening at a table in a piazza. Their version of the spritz has just arrived in the LCBO in time for the lockdown summer of 2020. This sounds great for those of us looking for an alternative aperitif to enjoy in our backyards and dream of Italian holidays, but crummy for trying to get people to try it since there are no tastings going on in stores. To try and get the word out, their agent Dionysus sent GFR some samples and arranged for me to talk to the brothers by Zoom. Our conversation is below, as is my real time reaction to trying the Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz for the first time.

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The Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz is 5% alcohol by volume and is sold in packs of four 355ml bottles for $12.95. Click here to look it up at the LCBO.